I bought a JET wood lathe (1442 model), and I it was fine until I started having problems. I Certified factory repair company did not know how to service this lathe, Woodcraft blaimed me for its problems, and, after I suffered serious enjuries to my FACE AND EYE, THEY WOULD DO NOTHING, BLAIMING IT ALL ON ME AND MY TURNING METHODS.

I will never shop in those stores again, and there is no need, as there is Hartville and other stores to shop. Shop around on the enternet for othe companies such as Hartville, and Many others and even Home Depot andLowes.

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I have heard this before from Rockler as well. I guess it's standard policy to blame the consumer for defective merchandise from China.

Prior Lake, Minnesota, United States #729272

I have been woodworking for 37 years and I get asked questions almost every time I go to Woodcraft or Rockler by customers. The commercialization of Both has led to generic employees (not skilled woodworkers)who could care less about customers once they have their money.

One employee told me he could recommend anything and the customer would buy it.

I have also heard complaints from customers in Rockler complaining the tools are defective and getting no where.

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